Friday, 4 October 2013

Google rolled out Android 4.3.1 OTA update for 2013 LTE Nexus 7

Google rolled out Android 4.3.1 OTA update for the 2013 LTE Nexus 7 devices.

We have still not received a complete change log for the update.
So, we are not sure what changes or feature additions this update brings to the 2013 LTE Nexus 7.

According to AndroidPolice, below are the details of the update,
  • Build Number is JLS36I
  • Size of OTA update is just 9.42 MB
  • Radio is same as 4.3 build (DEB-G00_2.25.1_0802)

Currently, only the 2013 LTE variant of the Nexus 7 has received the Android 4.3.1 update.

At the moment, we are not sure if this update is specifically for a single device or it is just the start and updates for more Nexus devices will follow.

Either way, we will keep you updated if other Nexus devices (phones/tablets) start getting this OTA update.

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