Friday, 18 October 2013

Nexus 5 Retail Packaging Leaked, Reveals White Variant

Couple of days back, we saw the official Nexus 5 listing accidently appeared on the Google Play Store.
We have yet another leak, this time it is the retail packaging of the Nexus 5.

Korean site UnderKg had posted the images of the possible Nexus 5 retail packaging.

What is interesting about this leak, is that we now know that there is also a white variant of the upcoming Nexus device.

It is similar to what LG did with the Nexus 4 earlier. The Nexus 5 will also have a white back and black on the front of the device unlike the Samsung devices which come in full white color.

The packaging is very basic but looks neat and clean.

We are not yet sure if this specific variant of the Nexus 5 is only for the Korean market or will be available for other markets as well.


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